Book: My Days with Princess Grace


I am an admirer of the lovely Princess Grace of Monaco, (aka Grace Kelly). I wanted to know more about her life and in particular her life in Monaco. What was she like as Princess I wondered. The book My Days with Princess Grace was written from the perspective of her close American friend Joan Dale and comes with 35 pages of personal photographs of her life with Grace.

I loved the book. Joan Dale uses letters that she wrote to her parents as a timeline during her friendship with Grace. What sold me on the book was that shortly before Princess Grace passed away, Joan accompanied her and her family on 2 week cruise to Iceland.

April 12, 1957 Joan Dale and her husband met the Prince and Princess. Joan’s husband, Martin, was a U.S. official Acting Consul in Nice. Grace had been married almost one year. Prince Rainier was a business man and planned for the future of Monaco and recruited Martin Dale to help attract businesses. They were very successful and became close friends. It was during this time that Princess Grace became friends with Martin Dale’s wife, Joan. Grace didn’t have many American friends in Monaco and welcomed a friend in Joan.

This book describes the 25 year friendship between Princess Grace and Joan Dale. Joan kept all the little notes and things Princess Grace wrote to her as anyone would have. I personally would keep those things in a vault safe from fire and theft. I liked reading everyday life tidbits about Grace. The book left me wanting to know more which is good. The book mentions a plum whip dessert that Grace made herself but was that her favorite? I would like to read a book of favorites written by her children. This book shows pictures of Grace reading and mentions that she traveled with a Shakespeare book of Sonnets. Now I’m curious about Shakespeare.

I don’t recall any biographies approved by Princess Grace but this book mentions a writer by the name of Gant Gaither who stayed at Rocagel (home away from home for the Princess and family). Gaither wrote a book about Grace called Princess of Monaco¬†in 1957. Since he stayed at her personal home, I’ll assume he had their permission to write the book which I am now reading.


Book’s website:¬†Princess Grace of Monaco

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